About MAT Foundation

MAT Foundation is an NGO dedicated towards creating a peaceful nation by creating awareness against terrorism among citizens of the Country. We conduct various awareness events and campaigns in public areas, schools & colleges to create awareness about the evil of terrorism and honor our Country’s Brave-hearts who lay their life fighting against it. We also provide counselling to youth who wander away from their path and make best efforts to bring them back to the mainstream. We strive to inculcate a nationalist spirit in Indian youth.


Movement Against Terrorism ( MAT) has been set up to initiate various activities to make peaceful environment in the country. Promote awareness against suspicious activity that will lead to protect from any terror attack.

  • Educate the society to fight against terrorism and to make a terror free society where all citizens are the security guard of nation.
  • Counsel the society for not participating with terrorism at any cost.
  • Promote the attitude for nation first.
  • Train school, college and corporates for promoting awareness against terrorism and building a high moral for patriotic citizenship against terrorism.
  • Rehabilitate society/individual who affected by terrorism.


Movement Against Terrorism is committed to make effort for peaceful nation by counseling, educating, training and proactive awareness against terrorism. The effort is to create peaceful environment for living.