About us

MAT Foundation is an NGO dedicated towards creating a peaceful nation by creating awareness against terrorism among citizens of the Country. We conduct various awareness events and campaigns in public areas, schools & colleges to create awareness about the evil of terrorism and honor our Country’s Brave-hearts who lay their life fighting against it. We also provide counselling to youth who wander away from their path and make best efforts to bring them back to the mainstream. We strive to inculcate a nationalist spirit in Indian youth.

Being Millionaire or a successful entrepreneur is not great, being human & Humanity is the greatest of all. Show a little compassion to your fellow beings.

Pledge / शपथ

We the patriotic citizen of India, having abiding faith in our country tradition of non violence and tolerance, here by we pledge to be part of movement against terrorism to uphold and promote Peace for the nation. We will keep our eyes open to observe all the suspicious activities around us to stop terrorism proactively. Along with this we pledge to transform this message to our known to participate in movement against terrorism with an attitude that Nation First.

I Pledged / मैंने ली है शपथ !



Name: Mr. Gopal Chetry

Location: Assam ( North-East India )

I Pledged / मैंने ली है शपथ !


Name: Raju

Location: Delhi

I Pledged / मैंने ली है शपथ !


Name: Sunil Mishra

Location: Delhi

I Pledged / मैंने ली है शपथ !


Name: Maheish Girri

Location: Member Of Parliament- East Delhi

I Pledged / मैंने ली है शपथ !


Name: Sudhanshu Mittal

Location: Leader BJP, New Delhi


MAT Connaught Place Awareness Campaign
Movement Against Terrorism Foundation has conducted an awareness campaign in Connaught Place (Delhi) to increase awareness against terrorism.
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Lets Fight Terror Together