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 Mevhibe Ateş Technology Foundation

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 First name  Engin Bahri
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The MAT Foundation is a youth-led organisation established on December 30, 2012, in Ankara, Turkey. Half of the trustees and 3/4 of the board members are young, including the president.

Our objective is
To raise the awareness of young people between 15 – 30 years of age about new technologies (quantum, blockchain, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, metaverse and all kinds of new technologies, including technologies that are not yet known and may emerge in the coming years)
– to prepare young people for new jobs that these technologies will create,
– to contribute to the development of these technologies, to carry out and support research and development, projects and activities on these technologies,
– to identify and train talented young people,
– to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship culture in the field of technology and
– to contribute to scientific studies in all these fields.

We are interested in the following;
– Youth:
We are a youth-led organisation, and anything concerning youth is our focus

– Quantum Technologies:
There are high expectations for Quantum Technologies. The global budget is around 22 billion USD (2021), increasing exponentially. It begins to create future jobs that did not exist before. We intend to propose some quantum technology-related projects.

– Blockchain Technologies:
Blockchain technologies are known as cryptocurrencies, but they are much more than that, including digital art, NFTs, the Metaverse, Defi, and other Web3 technologies.

– Smart Cities and Villages:
Smart City 3.0 represents an attempt to link citizen participation with government aims and new technologies intimately. In recent years, it has become crucial to use new technology to make cities and villages more sustainable.

– Coding:
Our team has a experience in coding creating online platforms, mobile applications

– SEO-Friendliness:
It is a huge plus to know how to be on the first page and first rank in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become essential for every organisation with the digital transformation of society. Here are the latest statistics to understand why;

– “The #1 search result in Google gets approximately 32% of all user clicks.”
– “Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites.”
– “Only 0.78% of Google users click on results from the 2nd page.” SEO-friendly content, Technical SEO (fast hosting and lightweight themes) and backlinks (external or internal) are the essential elements of success.

What are the activities and experiences of the organisation in the areas relevant to this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

Quantum Career Workshops >
Our young team organise on-site activities inside high schools to foster their desire to select a quantum technology career.

Seminars about Emerging Technologies >
We are organising seminars/webinars on blockchain, Quantum, AI, and other emerging technologies.

Project Writing (KA1) >
We train young people on how to write Erasmus+ KA1 projects. It is crucial training to improve young people’s employability.

SEO-Friendly Content Creation >
SEO-friendliness is a significant concern for each organisation, even non-profits. When searching, people do not need to check the second page in search engines (the latest statistics say the ratio is as low as 0.78%). Only the young teams we have decided to support can get this vital training.

CV Creation and How to act in Job Interviews >
It is also vital for young people to have it to ease their entry into the labour market.

Key Staff
** Volga Günel
He is a computer engineer who graduated from Galatasaray University and worked as a frontend developer.
Hybrid mobile applications
Web design
Agile methodology
Knowledge in Javascript Frameworks such as React&React Native, API Management, NodeJS and Java SE
Familiar with Git and Cloud Technologies
B2 Level French
C1 Level English

** Engin Baç
–He is an undergraduate at the Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, and a board member and young trustee of the MAT Foundation.
– Organising, managing and mentoring events (workshops, hackathons, etc.)
– Writing EU projects
– Undergraduate physics researcher in TUBITAK
– Quantum enthusiast and programmer
– Writing SEO-friendly blog posts
– C1 level English
– Programming in Python

** Sinem Oktay
She is an undergraduate at Beykoz University, computer engineering department.
– Organising quantum programming workshops for high school students, leading events
– Writing EU projects
– C programming language
– Python programming language
– B2-level English
– Writing blog posts
– Organising club events

** İnci Münevver Menet
She is an undergraduate at the Department of Economics at the University of HBV of Ankara
– Writing EU projects
– Blog post writer
– Organisation Management
– Special education
– Child development– Blog post writer